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baby 3 month always pop after drink formula(enfamil),is it normal?

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i gave my baby formula enfamil but everytime while or after drink he always pop or to defecate eventhough not diarrrhea?sometime came out a lot but sometime only little bit. I went to doctor and doctor told me to give enfamil prosbe,but still not working. Is it normal for baby 3 month pop a lot?what should i do???please help Thank you

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Something in the formula is not agreeing with the baby's tummy.  Try a different one.  I would say it's not normal that he is trying to poop after being feed every time.  I've never experienced it with our other 2.  My first was on enfamil products only, but they didn't agree with my second and we switched to similac and didn't have any issues.  Try a new brand, many of the brands have similar types, so look for the prosobee in similac or an off brand it might work for your little guy.  If not, call the pediatrican and get another recommended brand.  Good luck!
Is it every time they eat, or just alot? I know my daughter always pooped right after she ate, but not every time she ate. You might want to try a lactose free or reduced lactose brand and see if that helps. Babies (people in general) aren't actually made to be able to digest cow's milk, so it could be that!
my son was like that. he pooped during feeding, and usualy after as well. doctor said it was normal, so i didnt do anything about it. he was on similac.

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