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Baby cereal, stick to one or try different ones as well?

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My son is 7 months old, he eats rice cereal alot along with his baby food. I am curious whether it is safe to give him different ones as well- like whole wheat, mixed grains, barely, and oatmeal. Does this effect them in a negitive way? I want my son to eat everything. Is it bad to do something like oatmeal in the mornings, whole wheat at lunch, then something different for dinner along with his fruits and veggies?

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It all depends on what the baby likes
My son did well with all types of cereal. I was always mixing them up and he didn't have any problems with that.
If he hasn't tried the other cereals give him one at a time for a couple days to watch for any allergies. Since he's already done the rice you should go to the barley or oatmeal next, then the mixed thereafter. And wheat last. If he was a allergy you will know what caused it. When he was tried them and is good with it by all means give him a variety of cereals and foods in the same day. He's 7 months so have fun!!!
I started with rice then tried oatmeal. She loves the oatmeal and I can use it to sneak in foods she doesn't yet enjoy (banana and avocado so far). I also bought a mixed grain cereal but I haven't tried it yet.

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