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baby girl 4 pounds 15 ounces 16 inches long

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because i was only 14 my baby had to be delieverd threw c section at almost 4 months pregnant ill change my profile pic to her so you can see her i had to stay in the hospital with my baby 2weeks nita

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she has jaunduce and shes tiny but i love her we named her sara nicole
she was born at 4 months?
I have a hard time believing this, I lost a healthy baby at 5 months pregnant and my baby was no where near as big as you are saying your baby is. You say you were almost 4 months pregnant, your baby would not be almost 5 lbs. or be 16 inches long!!! There is just no way. Your baby would have to stay longer than 2 weeks in the hospital. Their lungs would not be developed along with a number of other medical issues. Why do you feel the need to come in here and lie?
Flowerpetal, what are you talking about?? Eating alot doesn't make your baby 5 lbs. and 16 inches long when you aren't even 4 months pregnant. Either your nita24 with a different name or you are just not educated at all!!! Come on now. 
At 16 weeks the average baby measures nearly 5 inches from head to buttocks and weighs 3.5 onces( not even 1 pound). it is impossible under any circumstances for a baby to survive outside the womb at four months gestation. Intense hospitalization would be of no use(especially not two weeks) in that situation. Sooooo... how did you have a 5 pound, 16 inch long baby? ummmm...
Extreme premature birth!How are you and your baby absorbing? Stay more than 2 weeks atleast in the hospital.Hope you and your loving baby will be on feet soon...ThanksNight babysitter
well i think its a little odd but congrats i guess
Not possible! i have an ultra sound done every 3 weeks at a high risk doctor and at 33 weeks my son was 4 lbs 7 ounces and 16.8 inches and the doctor says he gains about a half pound a week now and at 36 weeks he still only weighs 6 lbs 2 ounces and is 19.2 inches long and both of my doctors say he is very healthy and right on schedule. so someones lying and its not me!
The earliest a premature baby has ever survived out of the womb is right around 22 weeks. They are no where near 4 pounds (no matter how much you eat) and they would certainly need more that 2 weeks in the hospital.
Flowerpetal and us all a favor and find another community where you can start fresh with your lies. We are all here for support from one another, not to get sucked up into your childish games. Where ever you guys decide to go maybe you should research your lies before you post them.


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