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baby k'tan

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i recently received a baby k'tan wrap as a gift from my mother. i have 2 herniated discs in my lower back, and looking at the box i thought it would be a bit uncomfortable. however, I LOVE THIS THING! it is by far the most comfortable, and easiest way to carry your baby. it also makes it easier to care for my 2 1/2 year old daughter while trying to bond with my newborn. before the wrap, i would have to put my baby down every time my daughter needed something, but this gives me 2 free hands to get things done. i highly recommend this product!!!

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I definitely love mine! I did tons of research on ergonomic wraps and carriers to replace my Baby Bjorn and ultimately decided on the K'tan because it's the only one that has a forward facing option. It's really comfortable and my daughter loves it. It'll be great when she's bigger and we go to the zoo or aquarium and she can face forward to see everything!
I have one and love it! I still use it with my son who is 10 months and at 9 months was 22lbs and 30 inches. They have a lot of different positions and are really comfortable. I have issues with my sholder and a lot of the other carriers made it hurt. But the wideness of the fabric really helps. I love it and tell everyone to get one.
@sjvanderwey You were the one who suggested it to me and I'm SO GLAD you did! I don't use mine a whole lot, but I really love it. I like that my baby is so comfortable that she just sleeps the whole time she's in it.
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