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baby monitoring apps?

2 answers
Has any parents used any baby monitoring app? I am a father to 3 month old baby boy and I am using a baby monitoring app “Eye My Baby” which proves to be very useful. I found it on this link: : Does anybody else use this app?

answers (2)

i actually use a few monitoring apps with video support. babyphonic ( i think) is one i find extremely useful since it works across all of my devices (i have an android phone, an ipad and a kindle fire :)) i will definitely check “Eye My Baby” tho :) thanks!
If you have a couple of smart devices at hand you should try using an app for monitoring - my personal favorite is babyphonic (google it - i think the site is - you set it up on 2 devices connected to your home wifi - set one in monitor mode and the other in camera mode and you're good to go. for physical monitor devices i must say i have a Motorola video monitor that does ok but frankly i have not used it in a while (too bulky for my taste)

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