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Baby moving less

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I am 35 weeks and have noticed the last week or so that my baby isn't moving as much as before. I'm still able to count 10 kicks in two hours. Is it normal for the baby's movement to slow down as the due date approaches? I just don't want to call my doctor about it if it is normal. Thanks!

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It is normal. The baby is getting bigger and doesn't have much space to move around as it did when you were, oh lets say 25 weeks. As long baby moves atleast 10 times in two hours you have nothing to worry about. I remember when I had my first one, every little thing drove me nuts. I went to the hospital about 3 times a week while in my last trimester. I am pregnant with my second, 37 weeks, and have had much less consern with this one. It is normal. Just keep checking for the 10 movements in 2 hours, if there is even one less, I would suggest calling your doctor.
Also when the baby drops and starts to engage they even have less room and teh ability to move. It's normal that the movement slows down and feeling unsure or concerned about it. But at any point that you feel that something may not be right then go in to the doctor right away. As they want you to do that and should encourage you to do so.
I always worried about my baby's movement when I was pregnant, but the doctor always said she was fine. Sometimes she would go days without being active, and sometimes she would keep me awake for a week kicking me at night. They do tend to slow down later in the pregnancy. Thir getting into the birthing position. If you're starting to feel the kicks higher up like her head is down toward the birth canal and her feet are toward your stomach, that's probably all it is.

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