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Baby Name Ideas?

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I have some baby names picked out but no one seems to like them. RayAnne Kimberly Cobb for the girl Benji Paul Cobb for the boy Some one please3 give me ideas..

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It's your baby, name he/she what you want! My father-in-law would tell me everytime I saw him that he did not like the name we picked out for our girl (Claire Elizabeth). He would make suggestions, most of them terrible. I finally told him to go to the pound, get a dog, and name it whatever he liked. PS, My name is Kimberly and it is a GREAT name:)
My husband and I wouldn't tell anyone the names we had picked out.  People tried to get it out of us too.  if you don't tell them then they can't complain.  Plus, once the baby is born it is much harder for people to criticize the name you pick out.
Check out you can search baby names by year. Who cares if nobody likes the names you have picked. Its your baby & your the momma, if momma aint happy nobody is lol.
I normally wouldn't give suggestions, but you did ask, and that's your choice to do just like it's your choice to name your son. I like Benji Paul, but here are some other names I like for a boy:Benjamin LukeAnthony VincentCaleb JoshuaConner WilliamJared LucasRemeber though, in the end it's still your choice.    
I really like RayAnne and they both fit in perfecly with the last name too! :) 
Choose carefully the name, since it can even influence the personality of your little on. - Gregory, fashion stylist and expert in mens skinny jeans manufacturing.

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