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baby name problem

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my husband likes the name ted or kaleb and i hate those names so i dont know what to do should i name my little man the names i want to name em or let my husband give him a gay name like ted

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you need to talk to your husband, and stop posting such ridiculous questions. most of us will tell you that you should name your baby what you want. it doesn't make a bit of difference to us what you name your kid. you are the mother, and ultimately it's your decision.
i know its my decision and i will end up naming my baby what i want but im excited and worried and cant stop thinking about everythingi have told my husband i dont like that name he just says whatever and wont talk to me i dont think its a ridiculous questionat all really i think if its such a ridiculous question then go answer a diff question im tired of your bs if you dont like my parenting you dont like my questions or what i post when i post it then dont answer and leave me alone i dont think you just speak your mind i speak my mind and i dont constatly critisize everyones life all freaking day leave me the hell alone and dont worry about what i post it does not consurn you go play with your kid/kids and take care of your 4 pitbulls and stop focusing on always posting rude comments on my questions
You're only 17 weeks, right?  (Or thereabouts.)  You still have TONS of time to decide.  It's entirely possible that he'll find a name he likes better in the next 23 weeks - and you never know, Caleb or Ted might grow on you.  Have you asked why he likes those particular names?  It's possible they have special meaning for him - an uncle, a cousin, a close childhood friend.  That might give you a clue where you could go with that concept, that doesn't result in a name you don't like.
My boyfriend and I could not agree on a name for our daughter. Every name I liked he hated. So I just stopped talking about it. We didn't talk about a name for a month, and then one day he came home and said, "I like the name Claire." The name had been on my list but I didn't tell him that. I let him "win". I said , yes, I like it, too. He "won", so he let me give her a middle name I know he doesn't really like. So just leave the issue alone for a while and maybe it will all fall into place.PS, Caleb is ok, but I agree that the name "Ted" is not awesome.
you know I'm going to have to agree with pinkpaisley8709 on this... in the end it doesn't matter what we say it's ultimately you and your husbands decision... and about the whole ted being a "gay" name I find that very offensive since I know alot of teds... I understand you don't like the name but do you really have to resort to calling it gay? 
I know exactly how you feel. My husband and I couldn't agree on a name for our daughter either. One approach you may want to take is to discuss the names you like and their name meanings. If a guy hears a name that he's not crazy about but then loves what it means, sometimes it can make all the difference. Good luck, and congratulations! I know my husband and I can't wait to have a boy. We already have a name picked out for our future son, only name we could agree on. :-)
you have time.  try to relax.  we're on kid #4 and we've never actually agreed on names (seriously).  but it all ends up okay.  don't bring it up for a while.  but when it comes up again, don't jump straight back to those old names (either yours or his).  try to find other names you like.  try to be open.  and when it does come up again try to be nice (note-referring to a name as 'gay' is a sure-fire way to start a fight, no wonder he doesn't want to talk about it anymore).  so relax.  try to breathe.  give him space, give yourself time and in the end it'll be okay as long as you have an attitude of working together to do what's best for your baby and not a him vs. me sort of situation.
oceana, someone from needs to award you for posting the MOST questions on this site. i mean, seriously. is that all you do all day? sit on the computer, and post questions? seems like it. try spending more time with your baby, and rest. after all, you had a misscarriage, and lost 5 of the 6 babies. that's what you need to be focusing on.  
You and your hubby are the only ones that can figure out what to name your baby. We had trouble picking out our daughters name also. I think that is a common thing parents go through. Pinkpaisley, funny you ask her if she sits at her computer all day and post questions being that you have posted the most answers. I know you have no friends and live in the country but people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Maybe you should take your own advice and go spend more time with your kid and your 4 dogs instead of sitting at your computer all day posting answers. 
If  you absolutly feel you have to pick a name now, and you guys are having a hard time agreeing I suggest this little activity I learned about before my second daughter was born.First buy a couple baby name books. Find time for you both to sit down seperatly and flip through the name books. Each of you should write down the names and meanings you like best. Trade books, and repeat. After that: arrange them into your top 10 or 20 (which ever you guys decide) after that you both sit down and compare your top lists. You might be suprised on the common  ground for a lot of names.If once again,you have nothing look at all your lists, see if you have any names that you agree on. Find out if there is a special reason for some of the names your husband has picked out.I know it seems as if because you are the mother you get to choose, but in the early stages the father already feels left out especially during pregnancy. It is really unfair to totaly dismiss all his choices, even if you dissagree. My suggestion is that if you really feel you don't like the names he chose to say something along the lines of I am not fond of those names, lets looks at more names or do you have any other suggestions? Let his opinion count, even if it means sitting on it for a few days.My fiance is a JR. so one thing I know is when we have a son his name is already chosen. I  hated the idea of it at first, but the more I thought of it the more I fell in love with the idea of naming our son after his father and grandfather, two strong, loving and smart men I couldn't be more proud of. I can't wait for our  little Michael the third to join us. Sometimes it feels as if only our way can be right, but if we step back for a day or 2 we can find a whole new world. Good luck!


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