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Baby Shower...

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My sister-in-law offered to throw me a baby shower and i was so excited, she had really good ideas and would have made sure she planned things with what i would want in mind, But then my dad offered to throw me one and i really didnt want him to becuase he wants to waste lot of money and i dont have anybody to invite except family so i figured paying $150 on renting a hall is a waste and i would much rather him spend that money on things for the baby. I told him that i wanted my sister-in-law to throw the shower and he said that him and my grandma wouldnt go...they were going to throw me a seperate one for my family becuase they didnt like the idea of having the baby shower at my husbands grams house. I was hurt that they couldnt just suck it up and come for me. Having two showers would be pointless becuase i'm only inviting about 30 people total and thats mostly men and kids. lol But i just found out that my dad is sick and may be dying and i didnt want to argue about my baby shower with him so i said he coiuld throw it... not realizing that my step-mom would be the one really doing it, so now i'm 7 months pregnant and still waiting to find out when i am having the shower! Its ridiculous i tried asking my dad about it but he dosent have a date or anything so i'm really stressing out about it, also he has been arguing about who can be invited to it... If it is only women then there is no point in even having it. Most of the people that are coming are going to gift together (including my dad, stepmom, and gram). I dont want to seem greedy but my dad makes more money in one week then me and my husband do in a month! My gram has money, and my step mom makes decent money as a professor at Penn State. They are well off and My husband and i live with him family and have nothing so it's killing me that they cant just see that i really only want the shower for gifts lol. I know it sounds horrible but i wont really get anything if its me, my step mom, my gram, my husbands gram, mom, and sister...thats 6 people...including me! This is driving me crazy! I dont want to wait until last minute, time is running out, we were saving money and going to wait to see what we got at the shower before we bought anything so i dont really know what to do! I dont want them to think i'm ungrateful but i wish they would work with me and just let me know whats going on!...My husband is making fun of me saying that it looks like i'm writting a book lol. Sorry! I just really needed to vent and want to know if i'm being a "mommyzilla" or not!?

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Well I don't think you are mommyzilla. I think its awful when family has to make a fuss and act like 2 year olds to get their way. I'm sorry to hear that your dad is sick and I understand you not fighting with him because of it. I think they should have it figured out all ready atleast a month if nothing else. I would be acting just like you if it were me. I'm freaking out because we are waiting until after the shower to buy what we don't have and we have to wait until a month before I'm due to have the shower. So I know where you are coming from. I would just try talking to them and tell them you'll need time to "nest" and get everything set up. Maybe that will get through to them. I hope everything gets settled for you sweetie. Good luck :)

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