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Baby shower??????

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I am 30 weeks and I still haven't had a baby shower, which was stupid on my part. Especially since I went into early labor so I will probably not make it to 38-40 weeks. I was told I was on bed rest untill 30 weeks, because at 30 weeks they were doing a test to see how mature the babys lungs are, if they were mature enough that I could have the baby without it dying THEN I would be taken off bed rest.So I have my appointment today, I probably won't be able to have a baby shower if I am on bed rest, so right now thats on the baby. And now that I have rambled, it's time for me to actually ask a question. Shoould I have a baby shower? Games? Ideas? Any tips, My friend threw my last baby shower so I don't know what to do..

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Typically, if you only have a real baby shower (games, presents, etc.) if your second baby is a different gender from your first. The logic behind it is that since you already had a girl, you should have everything you need for another one.That said, if you want to have some kind of party to celebrate your new baby, that's fine. Just don't call it a baby shower, and don't expect people to get you presents. You should be able to have some sort of party, even if you are on bed rest. Just sitting on the couch should be fine. Bed rest doesn't usually mean you have to lay in bed all day (unless your doctor specifically told you that).
Well, either way I am off bed rest. I do have most of my baby things from caitlyn, bed,crib,toys,clothes,binkys,bottles, Actually I probably kept all of it. I am a pack rat, all of her stuff is sentimental to me. As far as all of that goes this baby is all set,I was just going to have a baby shower and if people brought things, great. It was mostly gonna be just to celebrate the baby, truthfully I don't think I could fit anything else into the room, the only thing I don't have is diapers.

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