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Baby sits up, but doesn't pull up! (10 months old)

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Our son learned to sit up around the time most babies do --- 6-7 months old, and he absolutely loves to sit up and play with his toys. We had a bumbo seat and it helped him to sit up really well, I think. Unfortunately...he doesn't know how to pull himself up to a sitting position --- I have to PLACE him sitting up. What can I do to help him learn to pull up? He goes from sitting up to laying down alright --- he's rolling around to get things he really wants, but no crawling. He can push up on his front arms to the crawling position easily. He's also really in love with pulling up to the standing position from sitting with help from me. He seems really strong, and when he's semi-reclined he's trying really hard to sit up, so I know the idea is there.

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They get into the sitting possition from the crawling possition.  So if he is not crawling this may be why he has not figured it out. Some babies do not do things are soon as others and that is okay. I would talk to his doctor if he is not crawling or getting into the sitting possition by a year. Some babies are content to not move to just sit and play. Try setting his toys just outside his reach. So he has to move forward to get them. Slowly move them away. First so he just has to reach for them a little. Then so he has to get on his hands and knees. Then a little bit farther. This will encourage him to move. If his toys are always right there he will not want to move to get them.
It sounds like his core muscles may not be developed enough, which is something that can happen when booster seats like the Bumbo, jumpers, walkers, etc. are used too much.Give your son plenty of tummy time to strengthen those muscles. Stop helping him to sit up while he's playing, let him work it out himself. Also, when he's trying to crawl get down on the floor with him. Show him how to crawl so that he understands how to move his arms and legs. 

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