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baby two weeks old whats good for stuffy nose

5 answers
My baby is two weeks old, and has a stuffy nose. what can i use to clear it.

answers (5)

little noses saline solution.. i used it on my daughter when she was about a month old clears it right up
Little Noses. All it really is, is a saline mix but it works wonders on stuffy noses. They have it at any drug store for $4 a bottle.
Saline nose drops for infants. Also, Boogie Wipes for runny noses. They are gentle on the nose & the "boogies" cling to the wipe. No more snot all over the face :)
I can never get my 5-month-old to hold still long enough for me to get any drops in her nose! :/
The drops work really well. Also, my sister had a baby a few months ago and now uses an electronic nasal aspirator. It's very hygienic and kind of amuses the kid. I think it was called Cleanoz, but i'm not sure. Good luck!

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