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Baby's first Christmas?

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My due date is January 7th but doc said he would induce my dec 31st, if she doesn't come before. If she's not here for Christmas, is it still considered as special of a first Christmas next year since she'd be 11 months? Idk whether to buy her baby's first Christmas for 2011 or wait. Pretty bummed I can't be induced a week earlier even tho I've been in the hospital for preterm labor and hypertension 5 times now and can never breathe and it's just getting worse

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She may come early she may not. My sister in law was due Christmas day we all bought Christmas gift for the baby. However she had a c-section on the 31st because he was stubborn. If would be okay to get the baby a gift and next year if the baby does not come before now will be a really special first Christmas. She will be able to really open gifts and you will be able to see the excitement on her face. When they are newborn they do not care at all. So next year it would be better anyway.
If she's not born by Christmas next year would be her first Christmas. I wouldn't worry about getting her special outfits or anything until next year. If she is born before Christmas you can have someone run out to get her an outfit. As far as inducing goes, it's best to just wait it out and give your baby as much time "inside" as possible. Most doctors won't induce early unless there are significant medical risks to waiting.

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