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baby's not moving as much as normal :/

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i'm 29 weeks and usually i can feel my little girl kicking and flipping, moving all around, but today i don't feel her moving as much at all..should i be worried? should i contact my physician?

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Go ahead and call your OB/Midwife and get their opinion but I must tell you, it is normal ;) The thing is, after 28 weeks, they start growing that body "fat" lol so basically your baby is getting big, its getting harder inside that crowded place for her to tumble and mve around, she may stretch a leg out or punch you but thats about all your gowing to experience from now until shes born. Also usually around 28 weeks is when baby goes into head down position, face front at first, and in your last few weeks she will turn with her head facing your uhm... butt lol. So yes, totally normal to not feel as much comotion now! Like I said, now its just those uncomforatble kicks, and punches :/
I agree with Josiahsmommy, It sounds like everything is normal.  there is a number, i want to say 4 times an hour you should feel something (I could be wrong)  But if you haven't felt anything in a day, I would say call.  I called my doc over every little thing (being a high risk pregnancy) I am sure they thought I was overly paranoid.  But you know your body and you know what's been normal for you.  It very well could be just the baby is getting less and less room to move around.  Good luck and I hope everything is ok
It is important to make sure you feel her moving, but she is getting bigger and can't move around as much. My doctor said if I am not feeling her move as much, lay your your left side and drink some cold water and relax and do kick counts. If you aren't feeling her move call you doctor immediately. 
10 times in an hour is what I read. If she does not make it to ten drink some juice and eat something then try again. I am also 29 weeks and he has slowed down in his movements a bit. She is getting bigger and harder to move like they said above. I would not worry to much.
I think the best think you should consult with a doc. Thanks

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