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Babyshower. Any 'fun games'/ideas to keep family entertained? Thanks.

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Hi, I am 'co hosting' a babyshower this weekend for my partner. We are having a girl! Does anyone have any simple fun ideas for games, entertainment, snacks, etc? I want to give something to our guests, thanking them for spending time with us, and thanking them for any gifts. Thank you in advance. :)

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My favorite activity at my baby shower was onsie decorating. We bought 2 white onsies for each person invited in various sizes and a bunch of farbic paint and other things to decorate with. At the party everyone got to decorate onsies. Not only did we have a blast doing it, I got a keepsake and plenty of onsies for the first months of my daughters life. After she grew out of them, my grandmother made a quilt out of them for KK to keep and remember all the people that surronded her with love.
i hosted a baby shower, but i was 9 months along when it happened, so i didn't do much. i served a fruit and veggie tray with dips, meatball & provolone sliders, and cupcakes. i just sat on the sofa, and stuffed my face. when i was done, i opened my gifts, and basically told everyone to get out. i was tired, and stressed with having this crowd of people shoving baby gear in my face. it was overwhelming, to say the least. i didn't play any games, or anything of the like. i have seen some strange things on tv like, melting chocolate into a diaper, and guessing what "flavor/texture poop" you've got. to me that's just nasty. please don't do that! everyone at your shower will be humiliated. the idea that the previous poster had was excellent. when you see your partner getting tired, it's time to end the shower. hope this helps!
Some fun games to do during a baby shower, which I've done a few of these for my baby shower and some were done at a few that I've been to. One is get a role of ribbon, and have everyone cut a piece to guess how big the pregnant chic's tummy is... and then they have to wrap it around their tummy and the person who gets the closest wins a little prize or something. Another game, is put a bunch of baby pins in a baby bottle or jar, and have everyone guess how many baby safety pins are in there. Another one, is play baby bingo, by having everyone guess what they think is in the baby shower gifts. Another one is get a bunch of newborn or premie size diapers, and get all different kinds of chocolate candy bars, and melt one piece in each diaper and close it as if it is a dirty diaper and label it with a number or with a letter, and everyone gets one, and they have to guess what kind of candy bar it is (only the host should know what it is until everyone guesses what their's is). Also a fun one, if you have guys show up.. fill up 2 or 3 small newborn baby bottles up with soda.. and make the guys drink it.. the first one to drink it all is the winner (a drinking competition between the tough guys). Musical chairs... And these are pretty much all I can think of for right now. Hope this helps. Good Luck.. ~Amy~
Best shower game I've played involved names.  Everyone was given a sheet of paper with the alphabet written down one side.  We had ten minutes to think of one name per letter.  The trick was that you couldn't write down a name that anyone else used.  So after the time was up, we went through the alphabet letter by letter - if you were the only one to use "Alice", for example, you got a point.  If ANYONE else used Alice, though, no one using that name got the point.  At the end of the game, the person with the most points won.  It was a LOT of fun, because we all tried to think of the most unusual names we could - and it was funny which ones actually got points! Have fun!
It's not a game but, you should put on your invites for the guests to bring a pack of diapers and if they do, they are entered in a drawing to win a cool prize. At my baby shower my friend got the winner an awesome gift basket from bed bath and beyond. And you end up with a whole bunch of diapers.You can go to a party store and get little pink or blue clothes pins (or anything that can be easily pinned to your shirt) and give them out, pick a word like "cute" or "baby" and if someone says it through out the shower, whoever catches them say it gets their pin. Most pins wins a prize. We did the guess how big the belly is and that was fun. You can also go online and print out free baby word scramble and baby bingo. Just make sure you get the answers too. I went to one that forgot the answer sheet. 

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