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babyshower drama

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i planned to have my babyshower on the 30th of january snd we had everything plannned and told people who needed to know to take off work but around the first of the month my fiances brother got mad and planned his sons birthday on the same the same time and even booked where we were going to book to do the party at...i got really upset and i havent been able to get over it becuase most of my guest have had to tell me they cant come becuase of the date...its the 22th..tomorrow and we dont even have everything done becuase we had to change the date to so other date was fiance doesnt even seem to care cuz hes always trying to make his brother happy and its really starting to get to me...i dont usually hold a grudge but i cant seem to let this gp and i get mad just thinking about it to the piont that i wanna fiance says im i? i dont see how hes not upset about it at all and we fight cuz i dont feel important to him but that his brother will always be put infront of me and our son...

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i went through something similar with my husband and his sister.   it was my sons first birthday and her baby shower with her second child.  we had planned and told evryone first but she didnt care. my family came to the party and so did my husbands. but they left before the cake was even cut........... it sucked and im still not over it. my husband can never stand up to his family and say anything and it pisses me off.  but i made the best of it and as long as ur family is there, who cares its for your baby.. and you.  now im pregnant with my second child and i wish her sons first bday was before may, id probably do it back to her lol
Would you rather be happy or be right? You are totally right to be upset and disappointed about your family member stealing the spotlight from you, but the more you dwell on it and argue about it, the bigger deal it will become. Can you try looking at it from the other people's perspective? Perhaps he schduled his party at the same time out of spite, or perhaps it was the only time that seemed right for his child's birthday. Maybe he felt like you were messing with his kid's special day. If you can forgive this one incident and move past it, no matter what the brother's intentions, you might avoid further problems instead of provoking them. What is best for your family? What will staying mad get you?

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