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Back pain

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I am 36 weeks and 2 days.. My back pain is so severe im going insane!! My doctor says theres no help until i deliver but does anybody have any suggestions?? I would try anything by now!!!

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yes!  I know it may seem weird, but is it a pressure or, a stabbing pain... either way, to relieve pressure, get into the pushing position... I took the back off an office chair and straddled between the arms with a pillow behind my back, and sat down... relieved a little bit of pressure, then I dropped the chair as far as it would go to the floor.  In that position, it relieved so much pressure... I had to work that way for 3 months, but it worked!!!  One more idea, and please be careful, and have someone close by if you try this... "hang" yourself from a bar by your arms... stretch out your back, relax, but very slowly, some women have slipped discs out of place trying this... BE CAREFUL!!!

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