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Bad Parenting

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My fiance has a son with his ex. We are both concerned with her parenting skills. She seems to be drinking a lot around the child and having a lot of men coming around her home. Another thing that sticks out to us is that he is 2 years old and his mother is teaching him to use foul language. Excuse me for this, but some of the things she has taught him is "what's up b*tches" and "Douche-bag" and many, many more. I even have a video that she sent to my fiance of their son saying, "What's up, B*tches". Now it may be just me, but I feel like that isn't very good parenting skills. The environment he seems to be in, isn't very good either. My question is, if someone turned this mother in for teaching her child to use this type of language and had proof of it, could she lose her son? Please Help!!!! Thanks!

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I don't know if just teaching him foul languange would get him taken away. You would have to prove her to be an unfit parent and it tends to be harder to do with mothers. However I do think they would have a problem with her drinking around him and having so many men around. The men would probably be the worst part. I definitely think she is making some very bad parenting decisions. Have you guys tried talking to her to see what is going on? I definitely wouldn't want my children in that kind of situation. I would try talking to her and telling her it is affecting him in a very negative way. If she cares about him she will want to do what is best for him. He is going to pick up so much from her because at this early stage they soak up everything that is going on around them even when you think they aren't paying attention. I would try what you could with her because it would be awful to have to take him away from her but if there is just no reasoning with her then you have to do what you have to do. Proof is always necessary in court cases because unless you can prove that she is unfit then they will leave him with her. I hope this has been atleast somewhat helpful and that you guys find a good solution for all who are involved. Good luck hun! :)
I doubt if she could loose her son for this reason. As his step mother continue to teach him the correct things make sure he and his mother understands that type of language is not tolerated in your house. Kids get the picture and understand you love them no less. Continue to hold the family standards that you all have for the child.
depending where you are if you and your soon to be husband took it to court with videos like that and proof of the drinking and if she is sleeping around and had a jury trial a video like that shown you could seek custody and seek to adopt I adopted my oldest from my husbands ex and she was a piece of work.

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