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Bad temper

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I have a 14month old son who has a bad temper whever he dont get his way he throws a fit then will bang his head off the floor. i dont know what to do about it. he has a 2yearold brother and they are constantly fighting over everything. help

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ignore the fits. this is normal behavior for his age. and the sibling rivalry is normal as well. if the fit continues for more than a minute or two, put him in time out or a quiet place so that he can learn to calm himself down.
I think it's important to consider your child's age and what message he may be sending with  his behavior.  As a believer in a theory called "non-violent parenting", I think that all behaviors are strategies that children (even babies) have of expressing and meeting needs.  What is your son needing in that moment?  More attention? Autonomy?  Connection?  Withdrawing love and affection with a time out or ignoring him may give him the message that his needs in that moment are not important or valued.  Also! If he's pre-verbal, using his body is his only way of communicating with you.  By empathizing with him in that moment and figuring out what he is needing, you are nurturing a lifelong connection with  your son.

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