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baking ideas for shipping?

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I am looking for ideas for shipping a care package overseas. I would prefer to have homemade treats if someone would have a suggestion. Thank you.

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Put them in ziploc baggies to help keep them fresh.
It's important to pick out sturdy treats - anything that isn't especially crumbly or has fresh fruit involved isn't going to travel well.  I've had excellent luck with sending brownies overseas, because they're pretty good even if they get smushed!  Packing is your next friend.  For cookies, pack two cookies flat side to flat side, wrap snugly in plastic wrap, then put the pairs of cookies into ziplocs.  Use peanuts, bubblewrap, or those air packs to provide cushioning on ALL sides.  Don't include anything heavy in the box. (I've also found that depending on what you're sending and as long as it's not too heavy, you can skip the pre-paid international boxes that the post office offers, and spend less on shipping.  That said, if you're mailing to an APO, the post office does knock about $2 off the pre-paid price, and it's nice to have a free box if you don't have severa lying around!) I sent my husband a three-layer birthday cake while he was overseas.  I baked each layer, cooled them, removed them from the tins, wrapped each layer individually in plastic wrap, put them back into a clean, disposable cake tin of the same size, and then put those in ziplocs.  I packed two cannisters of ready-made icing, put everything into a box along with birthday plates, napkins, forks, decorations, and even a birthday glitter hat, and mailed it off to a co-worker, who assembled everything on the other side and surprised him.  And boy, was he surprised - and apparently, the cake was fine! Point is: be sensible, creative, and not afraid to overwrap the goodies.  The recipient will be overjoyed, no matter what you send.

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