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been off pills for two months start my period be upset? How much longe

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how much longer should we try?? and most girls that i asked how did you find out and they all say you just know! but how do you just know also this period cramps have been really pain ful bright red and very clotty? should i be worried?

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I went off the pill in October 2009 and it took us until April or May 2010 to get pregnant.  This is my 3rd pregnancy, so I was expecting it to happen quicker.  My first pregnancy, I went off the pill in January and it took until May of that same year to get pregnant.  It takes a while for your hormones to balance out again.  Your body is used to having those hormones to run on and regulate it, you go off of them and it takes a while to readjust, probably the same for your periods.  Give your body some time to adjust.  Don't give up hope though.  Also, we used an online ovulation calculator and it worked right away.  There's one on this site under the fertility heading, check it out.  But really relax and don't give up hope. 

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