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Been trying to get pregnant for a year

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The topic is true. I miscarried around the 5th of May, but my husband and I didn't really start trying to concieve until a few weeks later. It's been a year now and there's been no luck. The last time that I went to the doctor's, the civilian female doctor told me that it was because my periods had become irregular and that I hadn't taken the birthcontrol she perscribed to me earlier that month correctly. I haven't taken birthcontrol since that day, mainly because I wanted to know if there was even a chance of me getting pregnant.<br>So, here's the basic facts: After my May 2011 miscarriage, I had pretty regualr periods until December 2011, which was when my body decided to have a twenty day period. For obvious reasons, I skipped January, but had minimal spotting. February, I had a regular period and for March, nothing but spotting again. In the latter part of April (2012), I had a regular period and about two to three weeks later, another period. Which, I consider as regular. Maybe my body just needed some rest??<br>Some other problems that I started noticing are: at least once a week every one month or two, my lower abdomen hurts. It affects my back and my hips and it hurts to sit or stand for long periods of time. I <b>do not</b> have Endometriosis. Also, it's painful during that week to go number two and hurts (like deep, intense, sharp pain) when my husband and I have intercourse. It's been that way since I met him.<br>So, I began researching why there's pain and, of course, there's a long list of reasons why I could be hurting during intercourse and why I haven't been able to get pregnant. I do not believe that it's because I haven't taken birthcontrol. Why? Before (and after) I met my husband, there werre times when I would have my period and the pain that was associated with my period (we're not talking cramps here) would have me bent over and almost unable to move. Those times, I had to just lay in bed in the fetal position because that was the only way I could keep the pain away. I mean, I tried everything to get rid of the pain and nothing helped. So, there's obviously something more wrong in that area than not taking birthcontrol.<br>I know that I can get pregnant, but I might need help. Then, there might be an explanation as to why I'm not "able" to get pregnant... after a year of trying. So, I made an appointment with my PCM (primary care manager) and I'm going to have a talk with him.. so that I can get a referall to Women's Health and maybe, just maybe, they'll be able to determine whether I have something seriously wrong with me or not. If not, I'm going to ask for some medication in order to boost my fertility and maybe regulate my ovulation time. I'm worried that I'm not ovulating correctly and maybe <b>that's</b> why I haven't gotten pregnant yet. I don't know, but I hoping for some answers.<br>I know that this is long and tedious and I'm sorry for that fact; however, it's nice to get on here and express what I'm thinking/feeling/doing and not get ignored. If y'all have any notes or suggestions, I'd appreciate it. If not, that's fine too. Thanks for reading and please, keep me in your prayers. I know that when the time is right, I'll get pregnant, but like I said, I might need a little push to achieve my sweet dreams.

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