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Beginning of 2nd Trimester and Dizzy

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I've noticed this past week my nausea has gone down but now I'm dizzy after exercise and after eating. Is this okay/normal? I read somewhere that is was but I wanted to know if anyone had personal experience....

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Make sure you're only doing light exercise. You shouldn't be overexerting yourself and if you feel dizzy afterward, you may be overdoing it. Dizziness after eating sounds odd to me, unless it happens when you stand up. Dizziness upon standing is usually completly normal because how your blood flows. If you're getting dizzy spells at other times you might want to call your doctor, especially if you feel faint.
Same was happening to me, you should see a doc to check your iron levels and stuff. Make sure you don't exercise too crazy while pregnant, and make sure you are taking your vitamins everyday because the baby takes what it needs from you and if you don't have enough you're in trouble!(BTW I am now almost 18 weeks)
oh and definitely make sure you are keeping yourself well hydrated! Water is your best friend right now!
I had the same problem, I would get dizzy out of nowhere. When i asked my doctor she said to watch my sugar intake and stay very well hydrated. Probably still a good idea to check with ur doctor :)

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