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my daughter who is 2yrs and 7 months had friends over and as they were playing she put her hands around her friends neck. What do I do? i just had a new baby who is two weeks old and this has me scared. She stopped playing with the neighbourhood kids because she started acting up and using language that i dont use.

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Did she actually try to choke the other child, or did she just put her hands around the other child's neck? This sounds a little concerning, but as long as you watch your children you should be able to stop any inappropriate behavior as soon as it starts. Just make sure that when you see something inappropriate you take a moment to teach your daughter why she can't act that way. Calmly explain to her that she could hurt someone else, hurt their feelings, etc. and tell her that if you see her do it again she'll get a time out. Be firm, but don't get upset with her. She's obviously learned these things from someone else and she needs you to teach her what is right.
Thanks. the other kid was shocked but not choked and the behaviour was stopped, but she was so excited that I dont think anything even registered
It's fairly normal for kids this age to do things like that when they're very excited. My kids (3yrs and 18mos) will hit each other, throw things at each other, hit each other on the head with toy hammers or drum sticks...They just don't know it can or does hurt the other person. I take away the toy or separate them for a little while explain why we don't hit/throw toys/etc. That usually does the trick, even with my 18 month old. I don't often give time outs because I know my kids are little and don't always understand or remember the rules. Just be patient with your daughter, she'll learn what's ok and what's not.
I feel so much better for ur response.was literally tearing my hair out.

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