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Best and easiest to keep down prenatal vitamins?

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My first doctor appointment is on Wednesday! I'm so excited! I have a few questions written down for her, but one thing I think is very important is finding a good brand of prenatal vitamins that have everything my baby and I need, and that I can actually keep in my system. Right now I am trying to take Centrum Specialist Prenatal, I really didn't do much research on them, they were the only ones available at my Walgreen's. I have only been able to take them without throwing up I don't think they are doing me much good. I've been hearing a lot about chewables and gummies, and I plan on asking my doctor about them. Is is better to take a prescribed vitamin, and are there certain ones that are better than others? I'd just like to have a few brands to research and ask her about. Thanks!

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I had  to take 2 flinstones chewables both times I was pregnant. I tried prenatals both times and going not handle them. Just did not work with my system. Talk to your doctor and see what they say. It is better to have something then nothing.
I took the GNC prenatal vitamins with each of my pregnancies. The prenatal pack comes with a multivitamin to take twice a day, extra calcium and DHA. I found the DHA pills gave me fishy burps unless I ate a large meal so with my last pregnancy I took the regular GNC fish oil pills. They are a higer dose of DHA (900mg) which is great because doctors are now recommending a dose of at least 600mg. I never had a problem with the multivitamins upsetting my stomach as long as I took them with food.
I found the key for me was I could NOT take my prenatals in the morning or on an empty stomach. I am almost 37 weeks and I still find the best time to take my prenatals is after dinner time. as far as I know prenatals are the "best" since they give you the extra stuff pregnant women need (like iron and folic acid) but I know of many women who took a more tummy friendly vitamin :)
I take "New Chapter Perfect Prenatal". The daily dose is split into 3 pills, which is both easier on the stomach and also better for absorption. (Your body can only absorb so much of certain nutrients at a time.) They also have probiotics for easy digestion. And they are organic, food-based vitamins and have no dyes or artificial preservatives.

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