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Best way to burp a 6 week old who wont stay still?? Normal spit up??

2 answers
My baby lately has been spitting up alot (past 2 days) Hes only breastfed and usually doesn't spit up this much.. I ask a LC and she said to burp him real good..used to sit him up, hold a burp cloth/his chin/jaw in one hand and pat his back with the other but now he kicks alot,sqwirms, and kicks off my legs to where its hard to burp him. Id lay him across my knees but I read that'll just put pressure on his tummy making him spit up more and over the shoulder doesnt work because he tries to throw his head back leaving me without a hand to pat his back with. Is this much spit up normal and any burping ideas? THANX!

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i have to tell you I know how frustrating lots of spitting up can be. Very early in life my son was a spit up baby, he spit up more then i thought was normal but his dr said it was still normal as long as the baby isnt actually throwing up. as for the problems with burbing him id say try burping him on his tummy with him laying on your legs. Different things work for every baby. But i will say that wiht my son I didnt just lat him flat on my legs I would sit on our couch & put my feet on the edge of our coffee table so my knees were pointing at the ceiling, then id lay my son on his tummy on my legs. That way hes not just laying flat with all his weight straight on his lil tummy.Also with my son spitting up so much I found it helpful to pat his back firmly starting just above his lil butt & then continue patting firmly up his back towards his shoulders. Then when you get to the top of his back firmly rub your hand over his whole back. Then start the patting over again at the bottom to the top again. I found this helped work the burps from his tummy upwards. & my son was also a breast baby & he still had these spit up problems so I started burping him at least halfway through eating. You could even tryburping him 1/4 of the way through nursing. & one last simple little thing that could be causing his spitting up is something youre eating. Maybe its something youve eaten before but now youre eating more of it or maybe youre eating something that you normally dont eat. Anyway I hope something in my answers helps you I know how difficult lots of spitting up can be. Good luck.
Lily my daughter is 9wks now and she had the same problem with spit up... i was told by my doctor to put rice in her formula and it really helped. i mean she still spits up but not nearly as much... and to burp her ever 1 oz to 2oz.... and the burping i have the same problem i just sit her down like she in a chair and lean her forward... its a hard postion to get her in as first because she doesnt seem to want to stop moving but it works or i lay her on my knees with her belly in between my legs... it works ok but she seems to choke more if she spits up in the postion

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