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best way to get rid of stretch marks?

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i don't have many stretch marks, and the ones i have aren't that bad, but i would really love to reduce them as much as possible, if not compeletely erase them. i've been using cocoa butter and a stretch mark cream by avon daily - one in the morning/afternoon, and one right before i go to bed. should i use them more often, should i switch products, should i try something new altogether? i'm open to any suggestions, anything that helped you. thanks.

answers (7)

you are never going to get rid of them completely without a laser treatment. they will fade with lotions and creams over time, but they'll never go away. embrace the stretch marks, we are lucky to have such miracles of joy in our lives, and stretch marks are a small price to pay for that!
Bio Oil I am trying it now as well. It really helped a friend of mine.
my sister has tried so many different things to get rid of stretch marks but none of them have one i know has actually found anything that will get rid of them but i wish you luck
I haven't gotten rid of mine, and i heard they never go away completely. But the more you moisturize, the more they'll fade. If you ever do a photo or something where you'll expose your tummy temporarily, you can use a cover-up make-up, but really they will probably always be there. I've finally learned to embrace it, though it was hard to do.
Bio-oil has worked best for me.  My stretch marks came from laporscopic surgery scars more then anything.  I am also using it to reduce my csection scar which turned into a hysterocetmy scar... So far it's doing ok.  Before I have used mederma on scars, so I am going to try the mederma stetch mark cream soon.  So far Bio- oil is working,  it's just a slow process.  But your on the right path, use the creams and oils all the time.  But they may never go completely away.  Good luck
Stretch marks are a part of pregnancy (and many other things) and there's not too much you can do. If you want pregnancy then you need to accept the whole package, that's a part of it. It depends on your skin's elecisticity in how well you stretch and bounce back. Over time, long time, they will fade to whiteish silver and won't be as noticeable. It's a small price to pay for motherhood. Be happy they are not bad, I have a couple of friends that got horrible stretch marks. :)
You have to try home remedies to get rid of stretch mark problem.·         Lemon juice is naturally acidic which helps a lot to deal with stretch marks.·         Aloe vera is used in the treatment of various skin problems including stretch marks.·         Potato juice contains vitamins and minerals which help a lot in the growth and restoration of the skin. It also helps to deal with stretch marks problem.·         Olive oil contains a lot of nutrients and antioxidants that can help in dealing with various skin problems including stretch marks. 

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