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Best Way to Deal w/FIL & MIL

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I just had my first child 3 months ago. We made the decision to live with my husband's parents so they could watch our son. (Saves a ton on daycare.) Since we moved in two months ago, my MIL & FIL have blantely told my husband and myself that they are much better parents to our son than what we are. Unfortunately, I am unable to be a stay at home mom, so I returned to work. Since my MIL has been watching my son daily, she's basically assumed the role of "mom". She tells my baby that I am home but the minute I go to hold my son, she's hovering over me. I know that she's still his grandmother but I can't do anything without her telling me what to do or how to do it. I feel completely useless and feel as though I am just there as another person to pick up the baby. If he starts crying she says, "he never does that with me" or "what did you do?". I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. We have to move out but right now we can't. We are trying to save to by a house. I'm at wits end. I've been friendly, patient, and understanding but dealing with this on a daily basis is starting to consume me and the focus I need to care for my son. I'm tired of putting my husband in the middle. She makes me feel like I can't take care of my child. I'm trying so hard to let this issue go but it's just not working. My husband and I have both tried talking to his parents about this but nothing's changed. Help!

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