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Big baby or early baby??

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I went the week of Christmas to the doctor and (I was 32 weeks), but she said by the over the belly measurements I was tracking at about 35 weeks. She set me up for an ultrasound to see if I really was tracking this far ahead or if I'm just going to have a big baby. The ultrasound showed my uterus to be right on time within a week, but it also showed my little guy is already over 5 lbs. Has anyone else had an ultrasound that showed a 5lb baby at 33 weeks? Did you deliver early? Or have you found that ultrasounds always over estimate the weight of your baby? I had an ultrasound the day I delivered my first son and it was over estimated by more than 1 lb. That's a lot when you are talking the difference between an 8lb kiddo and a 9lb kiddo. :) Just looking for someone else's experience.

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Well with this pregnancy they are already saying I'm measuring big too but they didn't say by how much and I was only 27 weeks. With my little boy they induced me early because they thought he weighed between 8 and 8 1/2 pounds and he only weighed 6 lbs 7 oz. That was 2 weeks early. So I really just don't go completely by what they say the baby weighs since I know for a fact they can be 2 pounds off. I got worried with this one cause she seemed so flustered about it. I thought she was going to squish the baby right out of me because she kept pushing trying to make sure she was measuring right. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Maybe he'll come early or maybe they are wrong. I think I'd be prepared for him to get here early but not count on it happening for sure. Good luck hun :)
They told me my first was likely going to be over 10lbs based on the OB and the ultrasound. My hubby's aunt told me 6-lbs and that the dr was crazy (she was a mat nurse for over 30 years)... she was better a guessing! My daughter was 7lb 13oz... def not over 10! The midwife I have now (who is brutally honest and will tell me anything,) said there is no way to tell. All they can check is if it is a healthy size, as in not tiny, and not huge! Hope that helps!
when i went for my ultrasound with my first, they said my daughter was 7lbs at 36wks!i was very scared concidering i still had 4more weeks to go. Plus on top of it my doctor had said that babies grow up to a pound a week the last  few weeks before delivery! but when i had her she was only 7lbs 10ounces.So when you get your ultrasound done and they say your baby weighs alot, i would take off about a pound or so!

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