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big santa problem

2 answers
ok my cassie is eleven and has not found out santa, i know she is eleven thats old most chiledren find out about 9 maybe 8 but she hasnt should i tell her, because her friends always talk about santa isnt real what should i do? please respond

answers (2)

If your daughter comes to you and initiates the conversation you can be honest with her. But, if she doesn't and she doesn't question her belief in Santa even though her friends know he isn't real, let her keep believing in the magic. There's nothing wrong with believing in Santa, the Easter Bunny, etc. It's part of the fun of the holiday and in my opinion, the longer kids can be kids with their innocence and amazing imagination, the better. Kids today grow up way too fast. So if she wants to, let your daughter hold onto that for a little while longer.
She may know but not want you to know. I know I did not tell my mom and kept pretending for awhile afterwards. I actually sat my mom down and said "I need to tell you something" I do not remember how old I was but I know I felt my mom would be disapointed. But I pretended at least a couple of years to still believe. Sometime kids also feel if they admit to no santa it will mean less presants. So do not worry about it, she will come to you when she feel the need.

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