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birth plan?

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whats a birth plan exactly? and how do i make one? what are my options usually?

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A birth plan is a plan for how you want your labor and delivery to go. It includes whether or not you want pain medication during labor, how much you want to have or avoid a c-section, an episiotomy, a vacuum used to assist your baby coming out, whether you want to be able to walk around, be in a bathtub, use a birthing ball, what positions you want to use for labor, who you want with you, etc. Make sure you talk to your doctor about your birth plan so that he or she knows what you want and write it out so that the nurses at your hospital will know as well. But, don't expect to follow it rigidly. Be willing to go with the flow as births don't always go according to plan. Be open to listening to your doctor, especially when he or she is giving you options that can save your baby's life.
What V said, I wrote mine for both kids and never brought them. But my midwives knew what I wanted and helped me stick to it. I knew I wanted to avoid a c-section and wanted to move around as much as I could. I had good nurses that understood. With my son we had a 40 minute drive plus we had to stop for gas so it was almost an hour in the car sitting so I did not want to sit when I got there. They let me stand while they hooked me up to the monitors.It is about letting people know what you want. If you are going to take a child birth class they will go over it with you.
thank you both!

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