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Birthday Stress! Can someone help?

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So next month Max's birthday is coming up and since I didn't have a party last year because of some certain 'problems' I promised him a 7th Birthday party. So I've booked a venue. Tick . Daddy 1 Bday stress 0 But I don't know how to entertain them. I went to his friends party and it turned out to be a nightmare! So is it pass the parcel or disco or what!? Daddy 1 Bday stress 1 Present. So I've finally run out of ideas for presents. He has already got a one of those kid tablets.(which I'm starting to regret buying it for him.) And he has already loads of toys. When we visited the toyshop I told him he could buy a toy. We were there for 2 hours. I was saying 'get that one' but he's saying ' no thats the old version' or something like 'that isn't cool' Daddy 1 Bday stress 2 Food. Cake. Stress. Now I want to keep healthy but not boring food.And I really want to try something ambitious for the cake this year. Daddy 1 Bday stress 3 Theme. Should their be a theme or what!? Daddy 1 Bday stress 100 Thanks in advance Riyaad and Lola.

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Ask your son what kind of theme he might like. My son has had baseball, Cars, and Toy Story themed parties, and next year will probably be a superhero of some sort (Superman, Avengers, Ninja Turtles, etc. are all themes he's asked for). Figuring out the theme will allow you to figure out what kind of activities and cake to have. It will also dictate what decorations you use.As far as food goes, just do appetizer type foods. I always have a fruit salad and a vegetable tray (the kids at my parties eat more of those than you'd think), some chips and dips, maybe some pigs in a blanket (I use a recipe food the food network, they're better than you might expect), antipasto sticks, etc. But really, food isn't a big deal unless the party coincides with meal time. If it's in the afternoon, all you need are snacks and drinks, plus cake. People won't eat as much as you'd expect.
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