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biting, bulling, and just plain mean little boy HELP

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we have 2 kids a girl 3 yrs old samara, and a boy 2 yrs old bobby. he is our bitter, its been about 2 yrs since he started bitting samara, we cant seem to get him to stop. but besides bitting he also hits, kicks, pulls hair, slaps, just plain BULLIES his older sister and me (mom) he has slaped me, pulled my hair thought about biting me but (smart as he is) he didnt. i have always wanted a boy all my friends that had boys had the "i need to take care of mommy" boys, i had 6 girls then an accident bobby came and i got fixed. no more. i feel kind of sad because i always thought that little boys were always sweet & need to protect and take care of mommy, daddy, sissie. not be a total nightmare to his big sister and at times everyone else, he is to young to be this angry already we dont know what else to try we have spanked, time out, scolded, taken things away, put him in corners. what havent we tryed yet ? (there were a few other things we tryed i just cant think of what they were at the momment) i would like the loving son my friends had, i love my son i thought id never have one, most of the time happy hes here, the rest of the time i just want to run away with samara and hide. please help us everything others have suggested we done (not even his doctor can think of any other way to try and get him to stop abusing samara) Thank You So Much, Robyn, Rj, Samara & Bobby Balcom Las Vegas NV.

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Teeth are not for biting (the term is "biter", not "bitter"). Do not encourage this behavior any longer. And tell Amara to stick up for herself, she's the oldest. Tell bobby if he keeps acting like this you will make him sleep outside for a week. 
maybe you could ask him how it would feel if he had the things that were done to his sister done to him. if he doesnt give you and answer then the first ime you catch him doing this, put him in time out for however old he is(3 years-3minutes)BUT if he gets up start the time over again. Then have him, when the time is over, appoligize to you for not listening when you told him to STOP and to his sister for hurting her.You could also try a reward system for whenever you see him being nice to you and your daughter

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