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Bleeding in 22nd week...continue from last two weeks.please help.

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Hello, i am 23 week pregnant.this is my second pregnancy. i am getting blood from last two weeks,it started from spotting but now it is changed to light period,my doctor is saying cervix is nicely closed and baby is also fine,plasanta and fluid is also good.but don't from why this is happening..any one had this kind of problem,please share your experiences and views about this..i am very much first pregnancy was full term without any complication. doctor gave me antibiotics,i had that two days but i got bad diarrhea and nausea.sp i stopped taking that,bleeding was not at all reduced those two days.please help ladies what can be the reason?

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Hemorraging was blamed on my last pregnancy. Everything turned out fine with her. I had bleeding with this pregnancy too but was never told why. If the doctor looked you over and said everything was fine, take his word for it. You shouldn't worry and be stressed.
Bleeding can be okay during pregnancy but it can also be a bad thing so call your doctor.
@ AAWM, thanks for the respose, appreciate.How long bleeding lasted, was it stopped finally? does it need bed rest or any other precautions?P.S. I am in touch with doctor regularly and trust her completely.
I would talk to your doctor more about what could be causing this.

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