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Bleeding after cervical exam.

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So, i'm about 35 weeks and i just had my first cervical exam since i went when i was 6 weeks. I've had absolutely no bleeding at all my entire pregnancy... but today after he examined me, i've been bleeding. He said i might bleed a little, but that was at 2:30 and it's now 7:30.. and i'm still bleeding. It was a bit darker earlier... now it's pink. But it's still just as heavy as it was when i left the doctor's office. I've been laying on the couch since i got home, in hopes that that would help it, but nope.. still bleeding. Should i call my doctor? i think i'm ok. but it's just weird not seeing blood in almost 9 months. I've had a few of those Braxton Hicks contractions too.. but that's nothing new. Just a little weirded out.

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As my midwife put it "as long as you're not filling a maxi pad, you're fine". It is normal to bleed after an exam, and you can bleed for almost a full day after, but it should be just a SMALL amount of blood total. If it is more then a panty liner type pad can manage, you should call your doctor.
ok. well i have another question. i think i may have passed the mucous plug thing today. it was clear and looked like snot from your nose.. and was also a little browinish.  not sure if it was it. Is it bad to lose the mucous plug this early? i'm 35 weeks. does it mean i'm going into labor or something?
I would give the dr a call just to be sure. Just because you lost your mucus plug doesn't mean you'll go into labor soon. I do however think that 35 weeks is too early to be losing it. I also don't think you should bleed for that long.I would just call to make sure everything is ok. You don't want to take a chance with your baby's safety. Good luck and hope all turns out well! :)
I lost my mucous plug about 3 weeks ago, and no baby yet. You can lose it in bits, and you can also lose some after an exam, because your cervix is irritated. As long as you are having no symptoms of premature labour (no severe cramps, contractions etc) you shouldn't worry. In case you haven't guessed, I'm not a "run to the doctor" kind of person, but I also have a good medical knowledge, which makes me feel a little more secure. If I thought it was something serious, I would say it.

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