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Bleeding during sex

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I have been bleeding during sex I don't know what happening.

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It's possible your body hasn't fully healed from your miscarriage. I would call your doctor to see if s/he wants to give you an exam to check things out. 
I will call the doctor she said that after like a week it would be okay to have sex again the last time I went to the doctor but I will ask the next time I go to the doctor. It's not painful but it is umcomfortable I don't know if its just that I am not healed from the miscarriage or if hes to rough but I am worried because its weird and it hasn't happend anytime before.
Don't worry. Chances are things are completely normal. Our bodies go through lots of changes during pregnancy and after delivery. Sometimes it takes longer than we think is necessary for everything to get back to normal. 

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