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Bonding with mommy

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I am mother to my precious and bright 12 month old daughter who I stay home to care for. She is close with me and I am her primary caregiver unless she is with my mother or my husband. I have 2 behavioral scenarios that I wanted feedback on please: 1- when my mom is around (who is like a big playmate for my daughter and never does anything that may upset her such as placing her in her pack and play for a minute or changing her when she does not want to but needs it-this is usually left to me or my husband) my daughter does not want to be with me or anyone else but my mom, even going so far as to cry when I take her from mom, though she usually does not cry when my mom leaves. Has anyone else experienced this behavior? Have I done something wrong in bonding that I should have done? 2-my daughter usually wants her mommy and loves cuddling with me and her dad.I have noticd a new behavior: she will kiss her dad but she won't kiss me anymore, instead she will blow a kiss to me(which is what I do to her when she is sitting with her dad). I get the feeling she is reaching for her independence when I ask her to come to mommy and give mommy a kiss she does not do it and will get intensely interested in something else. What can I do to turn this around?

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Issue #1 - You have done nothing wrong. You are taking care of her needs, which sometimes means she will get upset with you. If you are her main caregiver it means you are the one who does the most disciplining. It's normal for little kids to prefer the company of someone who doesn't impose rules. Have your mom start doing things more your way. If your daughter needs a diaper change, it needs to happen immediately, regardless of whether or not your daughter wants it. Sitting in a dirty diaper can cause diaper rashes.Issue #2 - Your daughter has startd blowing kisses to you because that's what you do to her when she's with her father. If she's sitting with him, let them have their time together. It's important for her to bond with him one on one, without interruption from you. Don't worry about your relationship with your daughter. I'm sure you two have bonded well. My kids go through phases where they only want one parent and not the other. It's been most noticeable with my daughter. One day she'll love me and then will only want Daddy for a week or two. And then she'll switch and wants nothing to do with him. It may be a little sad, but it's completely normal.
My daughter is 2 1/2 and is all about daddy. I am with her most of the time and he is home for diner and bed time. So she knows he reads and cuddles with her. She wants attention from him because he is gone a lot. I sometimes feel bad but she is not trying to hurt me she just misses him. Your daughter just wants some special daddy time.

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