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Boy crazy

3 answers
Ugh Cassidy my 12 year old daughter. Today I check her phone all text messages from this boy named cj! So I went on her Facebook to check it it's says in a relationship! Then yesterday her and cj went in the basement and their is about a foot window and o looked in and they were makIng out what do I do!

answers (3)

make sure you talk to her about sex dont seem like your trying to control her or shes just gonna pull away
you need to keep a better eye on your kid, or you are going to end up raising your new grandbaby.
Hey there. Tweenhood are questionable years and it wont be easier. I suggest you talk to her about emotionally being prepared for boys cause one day they arent going to want to date them. Talk to her about diseases like mono that can be spread through kissing and last talk to her about sex and the danger. Ex: early pregancy, , hiv/aids, etc. Hope this helped.

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