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Boyfriends with babies

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I recently started seeing a guy that has a 2 year old, I've known he's had a child for a long time and don't mind it at all but, when and how should we go about introducing myself and his son? I understand that it will not be anytime soon since we've only recently started dating, and that is definitely okay. He is 23 and I'm 18. I've read other places that 6 months of dating is usually a good time to wait, his son hasn't had a mother figure. His mother left when he was very very young, and there has been one other girlfriend that left the picture maybe a month ago after being around for a year. His 2 year also had liver cancer, he has had a transplant but I'm skeptical about what all that entails. So, when and how should we be introduced and what should I know about getting into a situation like this?

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It all depends on the relationship. There are no real rules for this kind for thing, just general guidelines, like the 6 month rule. I know that if I were a single mom, I would not rush to introduce anyone to my kids. It just gets confusing And is potentially upsetting if the relationship ends. Just take things one day at a time and see where the relationship is and your boyfriend will probably know when the time is right.

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