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Boyfriends mom asking for grandbabies already//..0

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well ok ive been dating my bf for two weeks now we've known each other since 6th grade and well 2 weeks ago he asked me to be his gf its great we're happy together he met my family but i hav'nt really met his. Now with that said his mom wants grandbabies already! ive never met the lady and shes never met me? help advise please?

answers (9)

Two weeks is just a little bit early for a baby ;) If she wants a grandbaby, well she is just going to have to wait till you two are ready, or you have an oopsie. Id say spend this time getting to know your new boyfriend and perhaps start saving for when you do decide to have a baby. These little bundles of joy are not cheap! Dont feel pressured to have a baby because she wants you too. Its your body, and you as a couple are just a bit too new. I understand you have known one another for quite a long time, but being a couple is a whole different ballgame!
Chances are, she wants grandkids in a general sense, not in a "I want you two to have kids right now" sense.
my bf say's she say's it cause she just found out she has cancer 2 a few days ago and she is leaving to mexico in febuary
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