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Bradley method?

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I wanna do the bradley method, But I wanted to see if anyone had done it and how it turned out.I don't want to have pain meds, I want to have it as natural as possible.The bradley method says to sip water after every contraction, and pee every 15 minutes.Has anyone done it before?

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I didn't use any specific method when I had Vivienne. I had one dose of IV pain meds because I needed to sleep. I'd only gotten about 6 hours of sleep over the two nights before I went into labor at midnight. It completely wore off by the time I was ready to push. Thankfully, my kids come out in three pushes. If I were someone who had to spend hours pushing I probably would not have wanted a natural delivery.If you're going to be delivering in a hospital, I would not advise any method that has you get up to pee so frequently. Some hospitals let you walk around a lot, some don't. Plus, walking can be difficult while dealing with contractions. Just learn how to breathe through them and listen to your favorite music. Studies have shown that listening to your favorite music while in any kind of pain helps lessen that pain because it releases endorphins. I really enjoyed having a natural delivery. I felt great afterwards, though I do recommend you take whatever pain killers they give you as soon as they offer them. I didn't and after a nap I felt like I'd been hit by a train.
I don't want an epidural because with caitlyn my legs where numb and it was hard to push.I haven't done an all natural birth so I don't know what it will be like, but I am planning on going to birthing classes to help with breathing and positions to stay comfortable.
I had a terrible experience with my epidural. I knew that no matter what, I would never have another one. My natural birth was probably the best birthing experience I've had, but I won't lie, pushing was painful. I do think taking classes is a good idea, especially if your first labor was a little long. 
I did the bradley method, but I had a home birth. It was the best experience, No doctors,Quiet,it was great for daddy to because he got to help,I loved being home where I feel comforted.I had a doula, she was there to deliver the baby and I had a nurse there too. Home birthing isn't the best thing for everybody,but it was the best thing for my baby.
more power to the ladies that give birth naturally, and at home. i don't really agree with a home birth. i just don't understand why anyone would choose to give birth at home, instead of a hospital, but to each is own. i had an epi with my first daughter, and i had a c-section with my second daughter, so they gave me a spinal block. my legs were numb as well with the epi, but i didn't have issues pushing. my first child was out in 10 pushes. i have the mindset that you don't receive an award for pain, and we don't live in 1950. if they offer you something for pain relief during labor, then take it, but that's just me. i've heard good things about natural births, and home labors, but it is certainly not for me and my family.
you should try it, but read more first. It is a good method!

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