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Breaking a 5yr old of night time pull ups

2 answers
I have been trying for 3-5 weeks to get my 5yr old son out of his night time pull ups without success or very little success. I am tired of washing sheets every morning.Is he to young? We do have him limited to drinking after dinner We do make him go before bed WE get him up all hrs of the night if one of us get up but by 7:50 his wake up time he is still wet!!! I can use some advise and suggestions on this please.

answers (2)

you need to limit those drinks to just one at dinner and nothing more after. stick to it. he's old enough to get up and use the bathroom in the middle of the night if he needs to. tell him that when he feels like he has to go, get up and go. then straight back to bed.
I have that problem as well with my almost 5 year old.  Although, he has been getting a lot better, now he only pees his bed maybe a few times a month. I've noticed if he eats or drinks 1.5- 2 hours before bedtime, he is more likely to not be able to hold it and pee in his bed.  He is a very deep sleeper, I think that is part of the problem.  I have asked him if he wants to wear pullups and he said no, so I think that helped as well, giving him a choice.  I have also put nightlights in the bathroom and hallway for him to see easier at night for when he does have to go pee.

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