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Breast feeding? =(

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My son is a week old today, ive been breast feeding since he was born. It hurts so bad!! I cry every time! But when I pump its not as bad??? y? I wanna quit so bad! I feel like an awful mom =( idk what to do, any advice??

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Shooker - don't give up yet.  I know it hurts.  My second son I started calling dyson because he had suction like I'd never experienced before.  And it HURT!  Use nipple shields, those help put a blocker between him and you to ease the pain.  Also they make some creams that will relieve the tenderness afterwards.  Your nipples are a very sensitive part of your body, they've never been used like that before so it's going to hurt.  It will take a little while to toughen them up so it doesn't hurt as badly.  Try to hang in there and give it a bit longer, if you can't and pumping works for you then go with that.  The only possible issue with only pumping and you will probably want to speak with a lactation consultant is the risk of your milk drying up.  You will need to pump more constantly than just when you are engorged and leaking.  As a baby grows their appetite increases and they will eat more to increase your milk supply.  If you don't pump more to keep up with baby demand then your supply will start to wean.  Don't feel like an awful mom though, I've had trouble keeping my milk supply past 9 weeks with both of my boys - talk about feeling like an awful mom - the well just went dry.  Try the shield and the creams before you give up.  Hope this helps!
I agree with mommyofzoo about this one. Don't beat yourself up if you have to stop. I am another mom who had no choice but to stop. I tried it for about the first 2 weeks that my daughter was born and then I got a really bad breast infection because of it and ended up in the hospital because my blood count was all messed up. My Dr then ordered me to stop in order to keep myself healthy but every time I saw a breast is best sign it made me cry. I felt like the worst mother in the world but after a while I started to notice that my daughter was fine on formula and that it was alot easier. I am pregnant again and now debating on if I should try to breastfeed again or not but I know this time that if I can't continue at least I tried and I should feel proud of myself.
I hope that things are going better for you with pumping for a few minutes before you nurse.. I agree dont beat yourself up if it doesnt work but I personally think that you should try nipple shields if you arent. I had nursed my daughter for 13 months and never had any problems.. however with our son he was born early and I had a really hard time getting him to latch on I was told by the lactation consultant that babies born early sometimes have trouble latching on to try the nipple shield and it works wonders.. we are nursing with no issues now and it doesnt hurt since he isnt actually latching down and sucking on the nipple itself. However, I also think that asking a lactation consultant would be a good idea.. even with your nipples and everything being tender it shouldnt hurt bad enough to make you cry everytime unless he isnt latching on correctly or something of that sort.. its not the most comfortable at the beginning but it never hurt me like you are explaining other then the first few days at the hospital with our daughter and she was latching on incorrectly the lactation consultant helped me with it and it was easy from then on out.. I would call your local hospital and check ours has a consultant that is willing to help whenever you need help.. they even have breastfeeding support groups that could be helpful and supportive to you.. keep up the good work.. your not a bad mom.. =)
Hey everyone, i do use the shields but still it hurts, and i stopped pumping 5 mins before cause he doesnt eat as much, so ill just pump 10 mins after. its only been 9 days so imma see if it gets less painful in the next week Also how do you wake your baby when he falls alseep eating??? this drives me crazy cause he will be hungry 30 mins later which upsets me cause i have to feed again and the pain ugh. ive tried holding his hands, messing with his hair, neck, toes, lips, ears, lol just about everything,, i dont wanna undress him cause he gets cold easily.. and ideas?
honestly i wouldnt have breastfeed if my husband wouldnt have been so into it =( idk what to do =(
Another thing to try is a different position. Sometimes you can get a better latch from a different angle. I had to use either a side lying or the football hold to get a good latch with my daughter.Also, I agree with lissimel - see a lactation consultant. They can work wonders sometimes.
Breastfeeding can be a very disappointing thing. You are told its the most natural thing in the world and that its best for baby but it hurts worse than anything! So then you feel like a crappy mom if you want to give up. I say don't feel bad if it doesn't work for you. Yeah most mothers want to because we are told its best but that doesn't always mean it works out that way. With my son I tried breastfeeding and was told to stop by the dr because it was causing my son to lose weight. Talk about feeling awful! But you don't have to feel bad. There is nothing wrong with bottle feeding your baby. I have done it with all three of mine and they are healthy and normal children. I agree that you shouldn't give up just yet but I also didn't want you to feel bad if you decide to. I think that the drs and such put too much pressure on breast feeding and that is part of why we fail at it at  times. If you feel like you will be an awful person if you don't succeed at nursing your baby then a lot of pressure rides on if you stay with it or not and causes tooo much tension for it too be enjoyable even if it doesn't hurt. Don't get too discouraged because it may still work out for you and if it doesn't it isn't the worst thing imaginable like they want you to think. Good luck and I hope all goes well! :)
this morning he was still sleeping when it was time for him to eat, so i pumped 5 mins before then woke him to eat, ate about 15 mins then pumped other side and he ate about the same, hurt way less(still hurt but not as much) very happy i hope i can do this evey time!!
I am really glad that I have read all of these responses.  I am 31 weeks with our first baby girl and I plan on breastfeeding.  I told myself that I wasn't sure if I could do it or not but I was at least going to try.  Now I see that there are options to make it a little easier on me and I will not feel so bad if it just doesn't work out for me.  Thank you everyone!

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