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Breast feeding?

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I plan on breast feeding, but I heard that it's very painful when the baby latches on. I was wondering if it was ok for me to just pump the milk into a bottle and give it to him.

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you will want to try to actually nurse for the beginning to get your milk production up.. The pumps are nice but they dont get as much milk out as the baby actually nursing and with the baby nursing it would build up the supply you will need better and faster then just pumping.. if your fearful of the latching on though nipple shields do work wonders.. with them the baby doesnt latch directly onto your nipple.. I nursed my daughter for 14 months and just weaned her in August and had no issues with it hurting or anything this time around with my little guy who was born in december I had trouble with him latching on and the nipple shields are amazing.. good luck with whatever you chose to do =)
I'm really glad that you asked this question because I have been wondering the same thing. I have heard so many horror stories about breastfeeding that I have been apprehensive about it, but i have decided that I am going to at least try. I have read that pumpind does not get as much milk out as the baby can so it can cause you chest to be engorged easily. Initially you would want ot breastfeed so your body can produce milk. I think that doing a little  bit of both is the best solution. I wish you luck and good wishes.
Maddison09 where can you find the nipple shields? I have never heard of them myself, but am interested in considering them if needed? Thank you :)
I plan on breast feeding as well too.. i've heard horror stories too, but I think i can handle it.i know breast milk is suppose to be really good for the baby and its healthier for you as well.@HILES1207 - I've seen some breast shields at Target, if you have one close to you.
hiles1207.. they sell them pretty much everywhere you can get the breastfeeding pads at.. such as walmart, target, meijers those kind of places.. good luck to everyone =)
HiBreastfeeding only hurts when your baby is latching on, if they're not latching on properly.  The best thing you can do is get informed before baby arrives; read good blogs and websites so you know what to expect, seek out support locally.Think about it logically, pre bottles there was ONLY breastfeeding - does it make any logical sense that it is supposed to hurt?  it was vital to keep the human race going for long enough lolNipple shields can cause a reduction in milk supply and should only be used with support of a lactation consultant, when no other suitable alternative is working.Some good
Im currently breastfeeding and my zoe is almost 4  months now. It is not painful for me at all. only the first 2 days when your breasts fill up with milk is. not to mention your nipples will toughen up after a little while of breastfeeding. I have a pump but i dont like pumping unless i have to get someone to watch her.
Hi there,this is my answer/advise for your post.Although it's true that some women have had unpleasant experiences with breastfeeding. You should not let that worry you. Just like with everything else you are your own person and each experience is unique to you and you alone. Although some experiences can vary in similarity to one another. No one experience is exactly alike. This is why there is no right or wrong answer for your post. There is no way for me to tell you if it does or does not hurt, sorry. The only sure way for you to know how your body will react to breastfeeding is to try it for yourself.There are many products out there to help with breastfeeding and any discomfort. •Washable Breast Pads (for leakage)•Nursing Creams (dry or chapped nipples)•Medications for Lactate Support (low milk production)•Hydrogel Gel Pad (for pain) •Nursing Pillows•Nursing Cream•Nipple Shields•Nursing BrasNo much help, right?  What I can tell you are the Pros and cons of breast feeding.Pros;•Protects against ear infections, colds, and viruses: If the child does have any of the above, the severity will most likely be lessened because of the protection from the breast milk•Helps brain to grow and develop•Less learning and behavior difficulties•Less diaper rash and other skin problems•Less colic, less crying•Easy to digest: It is almost impossible to have a constipated breastfed baby!•Less diarrhea•Protects against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, leukemia, some childhood cancers, and juvenile-onset diabetes•Benefits heart health•Fewer trips to the doctor and hospitalizations•Babies LOVE the tasteCons;•Can be painful to some•If someone else wants to feed the baby with a bottle of breast milk the mother still has to pump.•Breastfeeding takes a lot of energy for your body to make milk, so the mother can often feel fatigued.•Sometimes mothers have physical problems like mastitis, plugged milk ducts and engorgement if the baby is not feeding frequently or properly.•Working mothers can find it challenging to schedule nursings. It is necessary to pump at work and some jobs may not allow for such breaks (they should, but some do not comply)
breastfeeding is an amazing way for you to bond with your baby. My daughter and I had 'cuddle time' for her whole first year. At first nursing was a little painful until we both got used to it. I found that if I used a hand pump until 'let down' (when the milk flows readily) then nursed my daughter it was faster and easier for both of us, she would latch right on because the milk was right there, she didn't get frustrated if it didn't come right away. Then after just a couple of weeks the milk flowed better on its own and it didn't hurt at all.Its worth trying and yes, even if actually nursing doesn't work for you or your baby, pumping and giving your baby your milk in a bottle is still fine. Its the best you can give and if you pump enough you will create enough milk. Try to pump more at first though than your baby needs and freeze it. That will help you start to produce more milk at the beginning and more is always better so you have peace of mind that you're making enough and you won't have to worry about using anything else to supplement.Good luck!! Its worth the effort!!

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