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Breast no longer "leaking" and I'm 39 wks pregnant, normal??

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Since about 7 months my breast of been leaking a clear fluid, but in the past 2 weeks I have had very little to no leakage at all. I am unsure if this is normal. I plan on breastfeeding so I am concerned that I will not produce milk now. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it normal for your breast to leak then suddenly stop so late in the pregnancy? My baby is still very active, and I have been having mild contractions so I've considered that it could just be hormonal. Need some advice.

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You should still be able to BF.  Once your baby is born, for the first day or two, you don't actually have milk like everyone thinks.  Colostrom is the first step for milk production. Its more of a yellowey goo that comes out after you give birth.   The more you nurse your baby when he/she is born is what starts the milk production.  I think it was probably 24 hours or more before my milk let down.  You will be fine.  I didn't have any leakage before birth on my 2nd pregnancy and my daughter BF til she was 14 months.

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