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Breastfeeding and fasting

3 answers
I Would like to go on a juice fast for 30 days but I am still breastfeeding my son. He is 10 months old and nurses about 3-5 times a day. Does anyone know if this would be safe?

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My guess is no.  I would ask your doctor or pediatrican to double check.
I don't think so, I have quadruplets there 11 months old and I had to fast to get my blood drawn and I was barely producing while I was fasting.
No. You should never drastically decrease the amount of food the amount of food you consume while breastfeeding. And, fasting in general isn't terribly healthy. It's not a good way to lose way and it's not necessary for "detoxing". Just eat healthy foods you make yourself, avoid processed foods and drink lots of water. Your body will get rid of toxins naturally, that's what you're liver and kidneys are for.

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