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Breastfeeding problems.

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My daughter is 7 months old and will be 8 soon I really like breastfeading her but she bites me all the time. I feel bad for not breastfeeding her because I think it's the best thing for her and she likes it alot to. Plus all she wants is my breast she won't take a bottle either and I don't mind getting up in the middle of the night but she keeps me up for hours just wanting to use my boob as a pacifier.

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It sounds like it might be time to wean her. I know it will be hard for both of you but if you can't get her to stop biting and she's doing it for comfort more than for nourishment, it's time. You might try going straight to sippy cups instead of trying bottles. Sometimes that makes for an easier transition. Pump some of your milk for her so that she can drink it from the cup and then you can either keep pumping or you can transition to formula.And, just do you know, there's nothing wrong with formula. You won't be doing your daughter a disservice by feeding it to your daughter. Both my kids were on formula and they are extremely intelligent, have been advanced in hitting their milestones and are definitely bigger and stronger than almost every other kid their ages. They are also incredibly healthy, they get sick way less than even the breastfed kids we know.
Well it's good to know that you had a good expierence with formula it makes me feel better giving it to her. Another thing I was thinking is soothie bottles they are alot like the breast. Or also getting sippy cups that are like bottles. But I think if I stop now it will be easier then breastfeeding her untill she like 11 lol.
I weaned both mine at 12 months. If you are both happy with it, there is no need to stop, not that I'm saying anything is wrong with using formula. If she is wanting to use you as a pacifier just don't let her. When she stops eating delatch her. Find maybe a soothie blanket, my daughter had her "lovie" (it's like a little bear head with a tiny burb cloth size blanket atteached) and I would give it to her to hold onto while she fell asleep and go in and take once she was asleep. Try to remember to take it, although if she is moving around well it probably isn't too much of a concern. As far as the biting, if your reacting to it she sees that and thinks its funny. She can't understand that is hurting you, so she repeats the action to get your reaction. The first thing to do is not react. I know it's hard but try your best. If she keeps doing it, take off her your breast and wait a few minutes to give it back to her. She will eventually get the point if she bites she doesn't get to nurse.

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