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is breastfeeding really better for ur baby?

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im thinking abt breastfeeding but alot of woman tell me its hurtss so bad and i'll end up giving up is it really that bad? is it really better for the baby than formula?? any advice mommys??

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I'm planning on breast feeding my baby because I've read a lot and it is much healthier than formula. Formula can give baby gas and nothing compares to natural milk. I'm sure it's going to hurt, for me, I don't care. If it's going to be the best thing for my child, I can sacrifice some pain and discomfort. This is my choice, and you should not let others decide for you. Do what you feel is best for yourself and your baby. Good luck!
I am breastfeeding my son.. and omg it to me so painful! And sometimes he will fall asleep and stop eating and be hungry 30 mins later i get so frustratered but i do it.  and ill get engorged which its so painful as well.. which makes it way worse for me to let him latch on =( but i know its best for him so i just take it... but ive heard formula is just as healthly now and days.
I breastfed my son for two and a half months...I switched to formula then because I had to use a shield with him and it was just easier to bottlefeed.  If you really want to breastfeed you will have to set your mind to it. I know many people who formula fed their children and they are very healthy beautiful kids!  It all just depends on your preferance. yes, it's painful, but I was told its not so bad once you get use to it. If you use a shield it doesnt hurt, but a lot of the time they will get hooked on the shield which become anoying. I would encourage you to breastfeed as long as you can, but formula is so advanced now that it's just as healthy as breastfeeding :)  Just don't let anyone tell you how you HAVE to feed your baby, it has to be your decision.
Breast Feeding is healthier for your child, breast feed as long as possible, get a pump and pump as well. It's going to hurt but you have to try for a few months.. Hope it helps.
I know this is an old question, but I have a few comments. While breastfeeding can cause you to be sore at first, it shouldn't hurt past the first week or 10 days (unless you get engorged, but as soon as you nurse that pain goes away. If you're away from baby, you can pump or manually express some milk to help the pain). It rally is the best for baby. It has been proven to reduce the risk of SIDS, and reduce the risk of asthma and allergies when baby is older (because of all the antibodies baby gets from mom). It also is more convienient and cheaper! I nursed my daughter for 14 months, and plan to nurse this baby for atleast a year as well. If you are having pain, see a nurse or lactation consultant (which is free pretty much everywhere!). Hope that helps!
BF can hurt while you and your baby are both learning to do it.  If they latch wrong, it will take a few days for your nipples to heal.  It shouldn't hurt after a couple of weeks (unless the engorgement happens, and pumps are awesome for that.)  I breast fed my son for 12 months and my daughter stopped at 14 months because I got pregnant again.  It was hard the first 2 weeks for learning.  If you really want to keep going, but get frustrated, talk to a lactation consultant.  Most hospitals will offer a support system for you to be successful.  I also recommend taking a breast feeding class.  I took that in addition to child birthing class for my first and it gives you some good tips and just general info so it may not be as overwhelming when the baby is born.  I have nothing against formula feeding, but both of my kids where breast fed only and I did work full time until my 2nd child was 3 months old.  I was very determined to save that money.

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