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Breastfeeding vs. Pump?

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Hi...I am 20 years old and expecting my third baby any day now. Is there a difference for the baby if I actually feed her from my breast or if I pump her a bottle? Which one is better?

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im pretty sure its the same thing..i plan on breastfeeding too(also due anyday) it pumped or from ur breast its still breast milk..which ever will be easier for u i would do.
nursing at the breast increases your supply but if there is a reason it is not working (baby won't nurse, bad latch, etc.) pumping is a good alternative.  i had problems with both because i had low milk-supply and pumping didn't yield enough milk so i supplemented with formula. i found pumping to be easier because it gets emotional when baby is frustrated and hungry at the breast, its hard to relax - at least for me.  good luck to you and if you decide to pump, check if your medical coverage pays for hospital grade electric pumps. they work the best.
Feeding at the breast is supposed to help with infants' oral development ( as well as other benefits.  If you do decide to pump, spend a lot of time in skin-to-skin contact (kangaroo care) so your newborn feels that closeness.I had to pump and supplement when my daughter was first born, and was quickly tired of the constant pumping, filling, heating, and cleaning bottles, and of course making sure I had enough bottles with me whenever we left the house.  I found it so much easier for all of us when I could finally just lift my shirt and let her go to town.In the end, you have to do what's best for you, but I feel sorry for moms who need to pump to feed their babies their own milk. 
my daughter turned 5 months yesterday and she I feed her by pumping only.  We tried breastfeeding and it didn't work for us.  I wanted her to get all the benefits of breast milk so I decided to pump and bottle feed.  I do agree that there is a supply issue...for the first 3 months I was able to stay ahead and froze 100 ozs+ but as of last week we ran thru that and she had to have formula for the first time.   I am greatful that I had the option to pump otherwise she wouldn't have even gotten this far.  She is perfectly healthy and I work and my husband spends most of the day with her so I too was concerned about not having that as a bonding agent but we've bonded wonderfully.  I walk in the door at night and she's all smiles and squirming to get to me... I thank Medella for there wonderful pumps that gave me that option.
I had the same problem as the person above. My daughter was too small to latch on at first so I pumped for her, and they do get the same benefits either way. She finally learned to latch on, and it was a really special thing to actually nurse her. I feel like that is when we bonded the most, but there are plenty of other ways to bond with your baby, and she will already know you are her mom and love you so that isnt something you should worry too much over! I live in Texas and here we have a program called WIC. I am not sure if it is everywhere, but it is worth looking into, because I was able to borrow a hospital grade pump from them for about 2 months and then they actually gave me my own pump for free.
Straight from the boob is best.......but, breast milk in any route is better than formula.  Some of the milk'd goodies stick to the container, whether plastic or glass.  I nursed my son for 14 months (straight momma milk for the 1st yr) and he got some bottle(had to pump at work) some from me.  Either way works for you, you are making an EXCELLENT choice!  Nursing is way easier once you get it all figured out, just hang in there for the first couple of weeks.  You won't regret it.  Plus, it's way easier.  You don't have all those bottles and parts to wash and it's ready to got whenever.  The convenience is one of the many benefits.  You should be proud that you are choosing breast milk.  Only you can provide this for your sweet little baby.  I truley cherrished our snuggling/milk time.

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