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brown dry blood spotting at 7 weeks, is this normal?

3 answers
Started 2 days ago. I have a long history of miscarriages but this has never happened before. The hospital checked my hormones and they are fine. Also we had an ultrasound today and the heartbeat was strong and normal. Is brown, dry blood spotting normal or a sign of miscarriage?

answers (3)

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You should call your doctor. I had brown spotting for several days when I was about 7 weeks before I had a threatened miscarriage. Luckily everything turned out just fine for me, we even found out my baby was 3 weeks younger than we thought based on my lmp. But you should at least notify your doc in case they want to see you.
You can have spotting at about 7 wks when the fetus is implanting.  You have some good news in that you had a normal ultrasound showing the baby in the right place.  I would take it easy; no exercise, no sex and wait it out until the spotting stops.  They are no guarantees in the first trimester, but a normal first ultrsound is a good start.

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